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Hi 👋 I'm Liz, a Full Stack Engineer and Manager based in 🌭 Chicago. Experienced in both art and technology, I specialize in 📈 data visualization.

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A selection of things built mostly with code.

Seeing Solitary2023

Seeing Solitary presents data about the scope and impact of solitary confinement in prisons through out the United States and abroad. A project of the Liman Center at Yale Law School, the data dashboard is designed to help policymakers and the public understand solitary confinement and to inform efforts to reduce its use.

Chern-Simons Caps of Rotating Black Hole2021

This black hole visualization illustrates universal axion movement and the impact of Chern-Simons gravity in the work of the Flatiron Institute's IDEA Scholar in Residence, Dr. Stephon Alexander. Built in both Blender and Three.js, this visualization was featured in the 2021 Flatiron Institute Annual Report.


Flatiron Institute Data Exploration and Comparison Hub (FlatHUB) is a web-based platform that enables researchers to easily explore and compare very large astrophysics simulation and observation datasets. Users can filter on multiple relevant fields, generate figures, and export their filtered data in a variety of formats.


SpikeForest is a website and open source computing framework for evaluating and comparing spike sorting algorithms for neurophysiology data analysis. The project is documented in a May 2020 eLife paper, linked below in the Writing section.

Donut Time2018

Show gratitude to coworkers on a Slack workspace using custom donut emojis and slash commands. Built upon the platform for a company hackathon at Haven Life, Donut Time also includes a leaderboard to track the most thanked and most thankful employees.

Publicradio.info2017 is a web app for listening to noncommercial news, culture, and art. The rugged anti-design was featured on Brutalist Websites.


Selected papers, talks, and other words.

SpikeForest, reproducible web-facing ground-truth validation of automated neural spike sorters2021

A paper on the SpikeForest project from the May 2020 issue of eLife, a prestigious peer-reviewed journal of life sciences and medicine.

Design in the Deep End2019

Slides from a talk given at the New York City Department of Education on approaches to data visualization for subject matter novices.

Integrating multiple reCAPTCHAs into Angular 22018

A tutorial on using directives, services, and observables to integrate Google reCAPTCHAs into the Angular 2 framework.

Digital Art Preservation2017

A talk given at ManhattanJS encouraging Javascript developers to help preserve digital art and cultural history.


Notable employment history. Download my complete CV here.


Senior Software Engineer II

Wallspace Gallery2009-11

Gallery Manager

Flatiron Institute2018-22

Data Visualization Engineer

Peres Projects2008-09

Studio Manager, Terence Koh

Mass Mututal2017-18

Software Engineer

Whitney Museum2007-08

Curatorial Assistant, 2008 Biennial

Simple Labs2015-17

Software Engineer

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