Hi 👋 I'm Liz, an engineer currently at the Flatiron Institute in 🗽 New York City. I specialize in front-end development and data visualization 📈.

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Things built mostly with code


SpikeForest is a website and open source computing framework for evaluating and comparing spike sorting algorithms for neurophysiology data analysis. The project is documented in a May 2020 eLife paper.

Donut Time2018

Show gratitude to coworkers on a Slack workspace using custom donut emojis and slash commands. Built upon the Howdy.ai platform for a company hackathon at Haven Life, Donut Time also includes a leaderboard to track the most thanked and most thankful employees.

Sorting Hat2017

Want to quickly sort yourself into a Hogwarts House on Slack? Type your the /sortinghat slash command followed by a name of the witch or wizard to be sorted. Sorting Hat bot responds with a short rhyme and the banner of the selected House.


Publicradio.info is a web app for listening to noncommercial news, culture, and art. The rugged anti-design was featured on Brutalist Websites.

dB NYC2015

dB NYC is a visualization of the noise pollution in New York City. The app was created using Ruby on Rails and maps the location of 311 noise complaints, emergency services, social check-ins, and social venue reviews to create a dynamic heat-map of noise broken down over a 24 hour period.


Built on D3.js library, interactive chart compares collection development at the two largest University of Texas archives over time. Wrote jQuery scraper to collect data from University XML documents and RegEx parser to normalize data.


Blog posts, talks, and other words

Design in the Deep End 2019

Slides from a talk I gave to the Analytics Club at the Department of Education on how to approach data visualization and design when you are not a subject matter expert.

Integrating multiple reCAPTCHAs into Angular 22018

A tutorial on using directives, services, and observables to integrate Google reCAPTCHAs into the Angular 2 framework.

Digital Preservation 2017

A talk given ManhattanJS encouraging Javascript developers to help preserve digital art and cultural history.

D3.js — Data Visualization with JS for beginners 2015

A simple introduction to the D3 library written for the coding novice.

What I learned about programming from Marcel Duchamp2015

A list of concepts gleaned from the study of Duchamp that are surprisingly applicable to beginning developers.


A bit more about me.

I'm 👩🏻‍💻 a Full Stack Engineer experienced in both art and technology. I am passionate about human-centric design, visual storytelling, and digital preservation. In a previous life, I was a contemporary art curator.

Flatiron Institute2018 - present

Data Visualization Engineer

MassMutual2017 - 2018

Developer, Haven Life

Simple Labs, Inc.2015 - 2017


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